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Tracks Eraser removes records of your computer's activities.

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Tracks Eraser
Protect yourself by cleaning your tracks of past Internet activity.


Tracks Eraser
Your computer is tracking all your actions and stores the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone else can see where you have been on Internet and the images, movies you have seen, even everything you did on your computer would leave trace on your computer.

Perhaps you stumbled onto one or two adult Web sites. Perhaps by accident. Perhaps on purpose. And you don't want your husband/wife, dad/mom, boss/colleague or anyone else to know you've been there.

You can clear your history or empty your cache files in your browser's settings, but it will not protect you.

How to Protect your Privacy, keep your Surfing private? Tracks Eraser is a great privacy tool to protect you

With only one click ,you can erase all the tracks safely and completely .

Tracks Eraser Pro supports these web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, NetScape, Opera, AOL, Mozilla.

internet eraser pro
Price: USD 29.95

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Tracks Eraser Pro 4.01
Erase all tracks of your Internet activity
Internet & Windows Tracks Erasing
Stealth Mode
Secure Erasing
Support up to 50 popular applications
Custom Items
Boss Key
Homepage Protection
More Features List...

internet eraser
Price: USD 19.95

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Tracks Eraser 3.05
Surf the Web with the stealth and anonymity
Browser Cache, History, URLs Erasing
Windows Run, Search, Open/Save History Erasing
RealPlayer, MediaPlayer , QuickTime Playlist Erasing
Boss Key
Homepage Protection
More Features List...

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Some Comments from our Users

Thumbs Up Jeff
"I love this program!!!"
I was looking for a good cleaning program and found this one to be excellent. It cleans out all the windows and media player files and even cleans out various other programs when plug-ins are enabled. Works great to clean out XP and does it quickly!

Thumbs Up Bill
This program rocks; one-button, simple to use, gets the job done quick. I would highly recommend if you worry about pc security

Thumbs Up george_newman72
"Good Program but $30??"
It does cool stuff but $30 seems a bit much.

Thumbs Up Rocky123
"Best one I have tried"
I am a programer. After trying a lot of programs this kind, I would said this one is best. I HIGHLY recommend this inexpensive system tool. it has more features than other programs.

Great program for the simple-minded people. Just click erase then forget about it! Small, effective layout program with cool features to back it up!

Thumbs Up Jeff
"WOW, Best software of this kind"
I have tried several software of this kind here. so far, it's the best one.

Thumbs Up The Crow
"Nice but not as good as Blue Internet Cleaner v1.0"
that program the same as this one but $5 cheaper

Thumbs Up Mike
"simply and directly"
I like the program. It's easy to use and provides good functionality, simply and directly.

Thumbs Up Michael Suess
"What a wonderful product!"
I tried several other programs in this catalog. I would say, this one is best, I bought it.

Thumbs Up alex
"i hate it"
this is abig rip off

Thumbs Up Kevin
"Thumbs Down"
I've tried this program, and all I can say is, I've tried the rest, Now try the best, "Tracks Eraser"

Thumbs Up Bruce
"Highly Recommended"
I am an IT consultant and I HIGHLY recommend this privacy tool. It has excellent features and technical support.

Thumbs Up mssprintcar
loved it!! thank you

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